easyFly 3

IPACS (Shareware)

EasyFly 3 is a simulation program that enables the user to fly different kinds of aircraft. The planes come in 31 three-dimensional models including a helicopter, slope glider, jet, flying wing, stealth fighter, and many more. The game makes use of realistic scenarios and 360 degree-views of landscapes, including Castle, Teck, Marxwell Flugplatz, Omahawks, Augsburg, and Golfdome Halle. Users can also enjoy the simulated terrain of Hawaii in 3D and four realistic landing areas.

The program provides users with realistic virtual and sound effects during takeoff, landing, and during the flight. Users will be able to hear the engine and see the exhaust of each plane. Users can also take a closer look at their aircraft’s body parts, wings, engine, and other mechanisms in full 3D.

Aircraft runways are set in wide fields, where small details like trees, stones, water, and other elements of nature can be easily seen. This simulation application includes wind as the biggest factor that affects each aircraft’s flight, providing greater challenge for the users. To help virtual pilots avoid disaster, the application also offers a full collision detection that notifies the user of any other aircraft within its vicinity, so pilots can take appropriate action to avoid colliding with other aircraft.