EasyFit 5.5

Beurer GmbH (Shareware)

EasyFit is an application that analyzes probability data and selects the best fitting distribution to help users make informed decisions in the fields of risk analysis, business, market research, economics, engineering, medicine, and other disciplines that deal with random data and where statistical distributions are used. This application can easily fit numerous distributions to the user’s data within a short amount of time, increasing work productivity while preventing errors in analysis. With this tool, users can choose and use the statistical distribution model that best suits their data. A wide range of problems can be solved even if users only have basic statistical knowledge.

Some of the features of this tool are:

• Automated data fitting mode
• Goodness of fit tests
• Support for more than 55 probability distributions
• Ability to do manual distributions
• Interactive graphs in high quality

One of the key features of EasyFit is its integration with Microsoft Excel, in addition to its being a standalone program. As an Excel add-in, it allows users to perform their data analyses and simulations right from the spreadsheet program. The EasyFitXL enables users to fit the statistical distribution the data in their worksheet, view distribution graphs, and generate random numbers. It has more than 650 functions that can be utilized in worksheets to create probability models, and can also work with third-party simulation applications that are based on Excel.