SAMSUNG Electronics (Freeware)

Samsung Easy FileShare is a utility application that can be used exclusively in several laptop and notebook computer models manufactured by Samsung Electronics. This application contains features that allow users to share files from one Samsung computer to another using a wireless connection. Samsung Easy FileShare facilitates the secure transfer of any file type such as documents, software, music, photos, or videos. The application would require the receiving user to validate an authentication code provided by the sender before the file transfer can begin. This feature allows users to transfer their files to another computer without the danger of data loss or theft. In addition to these, Samsung Easy FileShare allows users to share all of their files at once, or select specific files or folders. This program also allows users to manage their data transfers from a local or remote computer.

Opening the Samsung Easy FileShare window would display a simple user interface that contains three main buttons. The first button allows users to share files from the local computer. Clicking on this button would show another window that allows users to choose between transferring all their files or selected files and folders only. The next button is used to access the user’s local computer using another remote computer. The last button allows users to access a non-Samsung computer from a remote location.