CAEN RFID (Proprietary)

In today’s world, the use of RFID technology has become extremely widespread. With the advantages in efficiency, speed, and accuracy that it gives to its users in the various applications that it is used in, it is no small wonder how its use has crept into all the corners of the world. Whether it is inventory management, information management and sharing, or whatever other purpose that users seem fit for it, it is undeniable how much the use of RFID or Radio Frequency Identification is speeding up and increasing efficiency in many different areas.

Developed by CAEN RFID for use with their RFID scanners and other equipment, EasyScanner makes it easy for users to take advantage of the many features that their RFID scanners offer them. With an extremely easy to use interface, the program can easily be used and understood by users with minimal training. Majority of the information is directly presented to the user right on the front page of the program. Inventorying, reading, writing, locking, and killing tags are made easy through the interface. The program is compatible with all easy2read RFID readers. These readers come in a wide range, from small, pocket RFID readers to full-sized portal or turnstile readers for security installations.