ToniArts (Freeware)

EasyCleaner is an application that searches and removed invalid entries in the Windows registry. This frees up some disk space and can improve the system’s performance. The program’s interface provides all the tools for the tasks that can be done with the program. The software also searches for duplicate entries, unnecessary files, shortcuts that lead to nowhere, and cookies. Start-up programs can also be managed using the program.

Here are other features of the program:
• Delete viruses by managing startup programs
• Monitor and manage Windows add/remove programs
• Multilanguage support
• Simple and easy to use interface
• Great for beginners and experienced users

EasyCleaner has an undo button so that users can revert back to the original state of the system if anything goes wrong when deleting files. The application also shows users some information about the disk space usage.

The application’s database is frequently updated. The blacklist file allows users to update the program’s database without having to download a big file. New blacklist files can be downloaded from the application’s website. EasyCleaner uses a small amount of resources when launched. It also comes with a comprehensive help file that beginners can use to read more about details of the program.