EasyBurning 2.03a

Dirk Paehl (Freeware)

EasyBurning is a CD burning tool developed by Dirk Paehl and released on 2006. The program enables users to burn and write files into a CD disc media. Users may backup files, as well as create copies of their data to be stored in CDs. Users can create a music CD, an MP3 CD, or a data CD using this program. The program features Shell integration. Thus, when the user clicks on the Send to option in the context menu, users can find the program under the choices. The program also features multi-session support when burning into multilayer discs. The program also offers multi-folder and multi-file support. The program also features Check File and Folder compare functions. This enables users to check whether the contents of the original folder are the same with the contents of the CD. The program also offers VisualISO providing  support for ISO image files. Users can likewise verify whether the burn process was successful using the Verify After Burn function.

EasyBurning features a classic grey and blue user interface. Users may customize the CD Title, choose the Burner drive, as well as choose the burn speed on the top panel. Users may configure whether the burn process will be for a single session, multisession, or next session. Other function buttons available are Choose Folder, Make a List, Quick Erase, Erase CD-RW, and Drive Options.