EZB Systems, Inc. (Shareware)

EasyBoot is a software developed by EZB Systems, Inc. that lets users easily create boot disks for native operating systems.  It is easy to use, and even non-technical individuals can create personalized multi-boot CDs and DVDs.

The application automatically creates boot image files, or exact copies of boot files.  It also generates the ISO image, or the archive file of an optical disc.  With the use of their favorite recording software, individuals can then burn the image files onto CDs or DVDs for their own bootable disc.

Moreover, the program allows customization, which lets users create a more personalized disc.  It supports: startup logo and background image, so individuals or companies can put their names or brand for recognition; user-defined function keys, cursor key movement, and accelerated keys that can greatly help in making the disc easier and more convenient to use; and password protection for those who want to ensure that the boot disc is used by authorized personnel only.  

With its various functions, users can create up to 36 menu items with submenu capabilities.  In addition, those creating discs can set the option to run it automatically or to open a selection.   It supports a time counter, and since no additional file is added to the root directory, users are assured of its integrity, keeping the original native style.