NeoSmart Technologies (Shareware)

EasyBCD is a utility application that was initially released in 2006. The program allows users to modify the BCD (Boot Configuration Data) of the system. This can be used for creating multi-boot setups for computers, as well as adding other components that will change the Windows start-up. The EasyBCD Toolbox is composed of seven parts. These are: View Settings, Edit Boot Menu, Add New Entry, Advanced Settings, BCD Backup/Repair, BCD Deployment, and Useful Utilities.

With the program, users can boot from USB drives, ISO image files, and virtual disks. The program can also be used for creating a safe mode, just in case the computer crashes. Another option is to create a bootable USB drive with all the repair tools as backup. Editing and configuring entries in the system is easy with the simple editing interface of the program. More advanced users have the option to change flags, hide partitions, and also create more complex boots with the NeoGrub scripting.

Users who need technical support can visit the support forums on the website for troubleshooting tips and advice on using the program.

EasyBCD supports several Windows entries such as the following:
• MS-DOS 6.x
• Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008
• Windows 7
• Windows 8
• Windows 95-ME