Easy Web Cam 4.3.0

UK Software, (Freeware)

Easy Web Cam is an application used for recording and streaming web camera videos. With this tool, users can record their web camera’s video feed into a local video file and stream it online through a number of different methods. Aside from recording, it can also detect motion, and has support for up to five video capture devices. Once movement is detected, it will start recording automatically or take still photos of the movement and send users a notification email. It also features a stealth mode to prevent other users from knowing that the application is running.

Users can upload the video feed to FTP servers or to a website that users can connect to in order to watch the video stream. The developer offers users with free web space where users can upload their video stream, to be seen by anyone in the world. This application has support for most standard webcams, including those built in to laptops and netbooks.

Easy Web Cam has a simple interface that contains the configuration pane and a preview section. The configuration pane contains the options where users can configure the options for uploading, set the video properties, change the background color of the live stream, and enter a webcam name.