Easy Video Splitter 2.01

DoEasier Tech Inc (Freeware)

Easy Video Splitter is a simple application that allows users to split video files that have different file formats. The extraction can be done manually by extracting defined segments of a video file or the user can let the software decide how to split the video file based on number of resulting videos or length per segment. For instance, the user can choose to split a vide file into 10 segments regardless of the duration of each video file or choose to get 2-minute segments from a 2-hour video file.

Easy Video Splitter has an intuitive and user-friendly interface. It has a built-in screen where users can preview the videos as they are being made. With the use of a mouse, the user can click on the slider below the preview screen to define the split points then play, pause, forward, and rewind using the buttons on the bottom part of the interface. On the right side are the source file and the save directory which can be browsed using the folder icons provided. The option to split the file automatically can be made based on the number of bytes, duration in seconds, and number of clips of each segment.