Easy Tuner

D'Accord Music Software (Shareware)

Easy Tuner is an application for tuning string instruments, such as guitars, violins, mandolins, and, ukuleles. It has a simple graphical user interface that consists of a virtual guitar’s head with the knobs and six strings. It also has a wizard to help beginners how to use the application. Users can do a standard tuning of the guitar, or choose a different tuning from the list provided on the application. Users can also create new tunes, edit existing ones, or remove unused tunes from the list.

A microphone must be connected to the computer in order to use the application. Users must pluck on a guitar string and the application will indicate if it needs to be tuned up or tuned down based on the tuning chosen by the user. When the indicator on the screen points to OK, it means that the string has been properly tuned.

Other features of the Easy Tuner program are the following:

• Support for tuning different types of instruments including those with 4 up to 12 strings
• Consists of more than 30 tuning types
• Simple and easy to use interface for novice computer users
• Useful for beginners and advanced musicians
• Can be used for improving musical ear when tuning