Easy Thumbnails 3.0

Fookes Software (Freeware)

Easy Thumbnails is a program that creates thumbnails from images. The thumbnails can be used for files and folders saved in the computer. The program’s main screen consists of four tabs – Files, Settings, About, and News. Users can see a tree view of the files and folders in the computer, too. The right side of the main window shows the original image and the preview output. The settings tab is where users can configure the settings for the thumbnail. Some of the settings that can be changed are the JPEG quality, contrast, brightness, and sharpness. The image can also be rotated.

Easy Thumbnails supports a wide variety of image file formats. The image can be scaled up or down without affecting the quality of the final output. It also has built-in filters for enhancing the look of the thumbnails. The application supports batch conversion. This eliminates the need to process images one by one. Other features of the Easy Thumbnails application are listed below:

• Supports for lossless rotation
• Images in sub-folders can be process through command line
• EXIF information for images that are bigger than 300 by 300 are preserved
• Comes with 11 image filters for enhancing thumbnails
• Sharpens images from digital cameras