Easy SFV Creator

Brad Smith (Freeware)

Easy SFV Creator is a programming application that enables users to create SFV files. SFV stands for Simple File Verification, and a file in the .sfv format contains a list of file names and CRC checksums. Checksums are special values that allow files to be verified.

This application is used to check for corrupted files. During file transfers, some files may become corrupt; when this happens, the files’ checksums will be different from those that are contained in their .sfv files. SFV programs are designed to detect the corrupt files by analyzing the differences in the checksums.

This application can be used when transferring a large number of files contained in different folders. This application can be used to make sure that the files are not corrupted or have become missing during the transferring process, so that these can be immediately deleted once transferred. Only the corrupted files need to be re-transferred, and the rest can be deleted.

This programming application provides users with the ability to create .sfv files for entire file trees. Additionally, it can combine and split files while checking them at the same time. One of its key features is smart file name caching. With this feature, files that are not corrupted are checked only once, saving time and memory space.