Easy Poster Printer 6.0

GD Software (Freeware)

Easy Poster Printer is a printer application that allows users to create a poster, save, share, and print it. It features a Windows Shell Extension that lets users see thumbnails of posters and makes sure that these will be easy to locate for sharing or other future use. Easy Poster Printer employs the most advanced technologies from Microsoft .Net that ensures broad compatibility. With this program, users will be able to create a high-quality poster even from a regular image.

This application allows users to make and print posters as large as 20 x 20 meters using a regular printer. A user can open a new poster file and define its size in inches, millimeters, or even by page type. The poster’s background color can be changed, and photos can be copied from any folder or application and pasted directly to the poster. Design effects such as gradients, drop shadow, and textures are available. Images edited using this application can be flipped and rotated before printing. The sizes of existing posters can also be adjusted using the included snap algorithms that make sure the image quality is retained.

For quick poster printing, users can simply drag and drop a photo into the application and then hit ‘Print’. The user can set the preferences using the print dialog box. The customized format can be saved for convenient reproduction.