Easy-PhotoPrint EX 4.1.6

CANON INC. (Freeware)

Easy-PhotoPrint EX is a software that allows a user to make and print out various media with images recorded from one’s digital camera.  Media can be in the form of stickers, calendars, CD-Rom labels and personal albums and borderless pictures to name a few.  It also includes a Flickr search function to locate publicly available images that are applicable to one’s project.

Printing can be done via the printable disk, as well as the jacket that comes with it.  Additional features were included in the Auto Frame Capturing feature.  They include frame selection to minimize image blur, optimal image layout, and a composting function, which combines different images into one frame to indicate motion.  Special effects can also be applied to images.  They are Soft Focus, Blur Background, Miniature Effect, Fisheye Effect and Camera Effect.  The Date Settings button’s UI has also been changed. Changes in the application also include items from the Edit menu in previous versions, now being transferred to the Image menu.  Using this application, Internet history with a photo-hosting site can be removed. In the printing of contents, layouts may be assigned and rectified. Lastly, this application can be used with different kinds of paper and provides professional looking results to projects.