Easy Photo Uploader For Facebook

Obvious Idea (Freeware)

Easy Photo Uploader For Facebook is an application used for uploading and resizing photos to new or existing Facebook photo albums. Users may upload photos through one’s desktop with no need for web browsers. Raw image files with .MRW, .CR2, and .NEF file formats may be used with the program. Upon uploading, aforementioned file formats are automatically converted into .JPEG, and the greatest image quality possible is rendered by the program.

Numerous interpolation methods and a JPEG compression factor function are provided in the program. Batch uploading may be done directly through the Internet. Pictures may be selected via the Windows file explorer. After picture selection, users must right click and then choose the “Send your photo(s) to Facebook” option. Users may create a new photo album or upload pictures to an existing one. The maximum photo resolution is automatically applied by Facebook through photo resizing. Photo transfers and uploading speed may be quickened when users resize their photos prior to uploading. When uploading numerous photos, total progress and current transfer rates are displayed as percentage bars. Remaining photos to be uploaded and total current transferred photos are also specified. Proxy servers may be used with the application and connections from such may be manually customized via the Settings screen.