Easy Network Manager

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd (Freeware)

Easy Network Manager is a program developed by Samsung Electronics for managing, configuring, and accessing wireless network connections. The program offers managing tools for controlling different network locations. Adding different network locations such as café, office, home and others can be done using this application. This allows users to switch from one wireless profile to another without adding new information every switch. The program also features different icons that can be used to differentiate the various types of connections. Adding a text label to describe each added network location is also possible.

Easy Network Manager also features different connection types. There is the Default type, which is a direct connection to any wireless point. Users can also choose from a shared connection or multiple network connection. The application requires an IP address. However, custom settings can also be added including subnet mask, fixed IP address, DNS Server address, and gateway address. An option to choose a printer is also available. The printer can either be a printer on a shared network or a local printer directly connected to the computer. For any network connection issues, the program offers a Diagnosis button. This button will analyze the problem with the network connection. If a problem is detected, it will provide suggestions for solving the issue.