Easy Mp3 Ogg Wma Wav Cutter

Koyote Soft (Shareware)

Easy Mp3 Ogg Wma Wav Cutter is a software used in cutting audio files, which yield high quality professional tunes.  It is beneficial in editing audio and creating music clips and mash ups, ringtones, and various audio tracks that can be uploaded on one’s website or YouTube.

Audio cutting in normally needed in making movies, presentations and audio clips. Music mash-ups can be done by combining different audio tracks into one music file. The software is able to recompress and convert audio files into WAV, MP3, WMA, and OGG Vorbis. With its waves graphic feature, large audio files can be cut graphicallyHigh-precision cutting is simply done with this click-to-cut tool.   Audio may come from different sources and it may be extracted from AVI videos.  The application’s interface is both user-friendly and intuitive. However, since it is not equipped with a drag and drop feature, audio importation can only be done via the file browser. Cutting is done by setting cue points on tracks, after which parts of the track are saved on one’s hard drive.  Easy Mp3 Ogg Wma Wav Cutter also allows for editing of tag information such as album, artist, year and genre and comments.  It is an efficient audio cutting tool that does its function without crashing, freezing or errors. .  It is able to maintain great audio quality for audio tracks that have been cut.