Easy MP3 Downloader

EasyMP3Downloader (Freeware)

Easy MP3 Downloader is a download manager that allows users to search and download up to 100 million songs. The program itself maintains a database that covers different song genres. Program database is constantly updated based from the weekly USA Airplay Hot 100. When a song is unavailable at the moment, it is expected to come out in the database after a day or two. The audio list comes in different categories. The user can choose songs depending on genre, popularity, song artists, and so on. The program can also recommend songs for users to download.

Easy MP3 Download has a user-friendly interface. To start the process, the user needs to input the name of the song. The user can then choose which songs to download from the search results. The program allows users to review or play a song prior to downloading. The program also supports simultaneous downloading. In addition, the program allows songs to be played while downloading other files. Before downloading, the user needs to put in song information. The user also has to determine the destination folder. Files that are downloaded are secure from malware and viruses.

The software also allows tag editing. This feature provides the user with a simple way to edit the original music track information. The user can then input the song title, artist, and even include the album name.