Easy MP3 Alarm Clock 1 (Freeware)

Easy MP3 Alarm Clock is a simple tool that allows users to use their computers as an alarm clock. It is a simple program that does not eat up a lot of computer resources. The application can be used for scheduling or reminding the user of certain tasks that need to be done at a specific time. The program is different from other alarm clocks, as users are able to choose the alarm tone that they want to hear when the alarm clock is activated. The application is simple and easy to use for both novice and advanced computer users.

On the main interface, users can add their own alarm tone by clicking on the Browse button. The application supports audio files in the MP3 format. Users can then hear what the alarm sounds like by clicking on the Test button. At the lower part of the window, users can set the date and time for the alarm. There is a drop down menu where users can choose the date, and a field where users can input the exact alarm time, down to the seconds. Once all the settings have been configured, users just have to click on the Set Alarm button in order to activate the alarm.