Easy Macro Recorder

GoldSolution Software, Inc. (Proprietary)

Easy Macro Recorder is a simple utility that allows users to automate repetitive tasks on computers. It works on all Windows applications. This program records anything the user does with the mouse or with the keyboard. For instance, if the user is responsible for checking that 100 folders have 10 files inside them which are labeled in a particular manner, it would be so tedious to go over 100 folders and 1000 files just to check basic thing, such as filename and folder number.

Easy Macro Recorder makes this type of task easier and simpler by allowing the user to record the task and play it again to run on all programs. In this way, there is no programming knowledge or experience required. However, if the user has advanced knowledge or would want to improve the macro to make it even simpler and faster, the program comes with a user-friendly editor, which will allow them to edit the macros. It has several commands that are intuitive for its purpose, which makes it easier even to those without prior experience on macro or macro editor programs. Another key feature of this program is its capability to run at a scheduled time.