Easy Edit Software

Twenty20 (Freeware)

Easy Edit Software is an application that works equally well on both Windows PC and Mac devices. This is one of the applications that are intended for the use of two vastly different operating systems, making it a versatile freeware. In any device this program can be launched without incident. Its operation is straightforward and the uses-interface is meant to offer convenience to both beginners and advanced users.

This shareware is helpful in managing VholdR videos and ContourHD. Contour HD is a point of view camera that is operated hands-free. This revolutionary HD camera utilizes a wide angle lens and dual laser alignment. Coupled with Easy Edit Software, sharing ContourHD videos with an individual’s online social community becomes a breeze.

The main objective of the designers of this utility is to make the process of sharing, clipping, and importing videos to seamless and easy to accomplish. In Microsoft systems, Easy Edit Software reportedly runs optimally on Windows 7.

Easy Edit Software is developed by Twenty20. As of this writing, the publishers of Easy Edit Software report that this utility has already been superseded by an application called “Storyteller.” This means that there are no new versions of Easy Edit Software being developed and that those still being used are not to receive any patches and upgrades.