Easy DVD Clone 3.0.16 (Shareware)

Easy DVD Clone is a simple program used for backing up programs and data to a disc or to the hard drive. Users can create backups in different ways including DVD to DVD, hard drive to another hard drive, DVD to hard drive, or hard drive to a DVD. The program has a simple and intuitive interface that novice and advanced computer users will be able to operate.

On the main window, users have to input the source file and the target file. There are two choices. Users can either choose DVD or select a file or folder in the hard drive. There are also other options for the mode to use. When the start button is clicked, users can view the progress and status of the backup on the main window.

Other features of the Easy DVD Clone application are the following:

• Capable of copying complete DVDs including all the subtitles, menus, and trailers
• Comes with a built-in DVD burner, eliminating the need to use another burning program
• DVDs can be split into two parts to fit DVD limits without losing quality of the recording
• Supports shrinking of DVDs allowing users to fit DVDs into a 4 Gb disc