Easy Display Manager

Samsung Electronics (Freeware)

Samsung Easy Display Manager is an efficient software application used for the management of function and display keys. It enables hotkeys configuration, screen brightness adjustment, and function key information viewing.  It is mostly used on portable devices such as laptops.  

The application’s “Reset Display” Hotkeys may be configured to adjust resolution and rotation features, as well as screen brightness. Screen rotation may be done through four different directions depending on the arrows clicked on.  Though comprised of a limited number of features, its user interface is easy to understand and straightforward. Thus, the application can be used by both new and advanced computer users manageably.   The resolution feature is controlled via arrow keys. Up and down arrows allow a user to adjust resolution based on the software’s preset options. Clicking on the right and left arrows, on the other hand, can access resolution levels that are supported by the computer’s operating system.  Lastly, hotkeys used for the adjustment of volume are also available.  Easy Display Manager is basically a decent display and function application that does not make use of a lot of a computer system’s resources. It provides the user with a limited yet intuitive interface that is open for user configuration.