Easy Cover Design Pro 2.09

Henagon Ltd. (Shareware)

Easy Cover Design Pro is a versatile utility developed by Henagon Ltd. This is a program intended specifically to assist people in the creation of customized DVD and CD covers and labels. This is a professional-level utility, which offers users a wide array of clipart, image files and photos that may be used as background in the making of eye-catching disc art. It provides support for Neato, Memorex, Jet-Tec, PC Line, Avery, and PressIt and is an indispensable tool for the mass production of CD and DVD covers. It may also be employed primarily for personal use.

Easy Cover Design Pro is an affordable multi-featured application that is flexible and easy to operate. More than a thousand built-in images are available for perusal. Moreover, the user may also add images from a separate collection into the creation of the cover design. Image transparency is supported during image transfers. The program is also designed to import track names from a specific playlist and has a built-in track editor. It is a fun application that makes the task of creating labels quick and efficient.

The program produces covers and labels for regular CD and DVD cases as well as for slim CD cases, slim DVD cases. Easy Cover Design Pro is compatible with Windows operating systems.