Easy-Copy 1.0 1.0

CAD-KAS GbR (Shareware)

Easy-Copy is an application that allows users to make copies of their documents. Aside from copying files, users can also make use of the program in order to edit photos. The application has a simple user interface that makes it easy to use for both novice and advanced computer users. The main interface is divided into the 3 sections that are listed below:

• Scan & Print – Users can print out and scan documents under this tab. Settings can also be changed including the orientation of the document (landscape or portrait), width, height, and zoom percentage. There is also an option to center the document and maintain the aspect ratio of the image.
• Retouch – When an image is opened, users can retouch and makes changes to them under this tab. Images and photos can be cropped and retouched. There is also a variety of effects that can be applied to images to improve the appearance.
• Comments – The last section allows users to add notes and comments to an image. The interface looks just like a simplified Paint window with tools located at the left panel of the window. Users can add object, text, and change colors of the objects according to preference.