Easy CD Ripper 2.3.12 (Freeware)

Easy CD Ripper is a simple application used for ripping audio files from discs to popular audio file formats, such as OGG, WMA, WAV, APE, and VQF. The program has an intuitive user interface that consists of different settings for controlling the behavior of the application. In addition to ripping files from discs, the application can also be used to convert audio files between formats.

Other features of the Easy CD Ripper are the following:

• Converts discs digitally and does not create temporary WAV files in the computer, which makes the process faster
• Wide selection of sample rates ranging from 9600 to 192000
• Support for ID3 tags, allowing users to edit music information for all the audio files in order to manage the music library
• Tools and features are easy to use making it ideal for novice computer users
• Has Sync Play feature that allows users to listen to the audio file while compression is in progress

The program has a small main window where users can rip audio files. All files ripped from a disc will be displayed under the CD Ripper tab. Audio information can be tweaked by going through the different tabs on the left side of the window and supplying the correct information on the fields provided.