Easy CD Creator

Adaptec (Bundled)

The Easy CD Creator developed by Adaptec is a program that allows users to make different audio, video, and data discs. This application is usually bundled with another utility for compact discs, such as the Iomega ZipCD. In addition to CD burning, the application also comes with a Jewel Case Creator that can help users create labels and jewel case inserts for their CDs. This application has two main functions: creating and duplicating compact discs.

The audio discs created using this application may be played on the user’s CD player, whether at home or in the car’s stereo. Likewise, the video discs may be played in any DVD player. Data discs can be made to store computer data aside from music and video clips. Users can make backup copies of their folders and files including documents, spreadsheets, HTML files, and other important data. Data discs can also be used for file sharing and report submission. Duplication of a CD is also useful when the user wants to have a copy of an original disc, so that the original may be archived safely. It is also an effective way of creating backups of files, so that users can delete files from the computer to have more storage space.

The Jewel Case Creator included with the Easy CD Creator enables users to make custom labels and inserts that indicate a CD’s contents. Users can choose from a number of themes and customize the text, layout, and background of the labels.