Easy audio mixer 2.0

G.F. Software (Shareware)

Developed by G.F. Software, Easy Audio Mixer is a simplified DAW or Digital Audio Workstation. Digital Audio Workstations are the type of software used by recording, mixing, and mastering engineers at professional sound studios all over the world. Easy Audio Mixer is a straightforward, simplified version that requires the users to have only a minimal amount of experience working with audio and DAWs. It is light, fast, and easy to use. It is mainly a multitrack editor that is meant for use by podcasters, singers, music producers and the like.

There are many intuitive features and a wonderfully designed graphical user interface to help new users and get them mastering the program in no time. The developer also provides video instructions on how to use the program swiftly and effectively. Easy Audio Mixer has a varied array of basic effects for use with recordings. The program includes the basic reverb, echo, delay, and chorus. With the application being a multitrack mixer, many effects can be added onto any channel the user wishes to have effected. And with the program designed to be easy to use, each of these effects has an easy-to-understand description.

Other included features:
• WAV, MP3, OGG, and WMA import compatibility
• Vocal track removal for making instrumentals
• One-click adding of effects, multiple effect presets are included
• Live recording from the user’s microphone