EarthDesk 5.2

Xeric Design, Ltd. (Shareware)

EarthDesk is a wallpaper changer that changes the computer’s wallpaper to a view of the Earth from afar. It displays how the Earth looks in real-time and is constantly updated. The program features four different maps and eleven types of projections. The computer must be connected to the Internet in order for the program to function as it should. Since it displays an accurate view of the Earth in real-time, users may be able to see thunderstorms and other natural occurrences as how they are seen from up high. Other features of the program are listed below:

• Support for daytime and nighttime views of the Earth
• Users can adjust the desktop’s contrast level
• View of the Earth changes every month because of vegetation and snow
• Does not clog up the system’s resources
• Automatically detects the local time zone of the computer

EarthDesk’s view is fully customizable. This allows the user to choose whether the map remains in its place or not. The application can also be set to lock the positions of the moon or the sun. In these cases, the map will be the one to move. This gives the user plenty of viewing options.