Earth Weather Wallpaper Screen Saver 7.2.3

GimmyGoody Software (Shareware)

Earth Weather Wallpaper Screen Saver is a program that provides users with a live view of the planet Earth from outer space. A beautiful map of the surface of the Earth is spread out on the screen in high definition, function as both screensaver and desktop wallpaper. Aside from the spectacular view from high above, weather information is also provided. This tool is not merely visually stunning, but it is also useful in many ways.

Given the live view, the computer user is afforded by Earth Weather Wallpaper Screen Saver with updated information on the weather as well. Real-time cloud formations are clearly visible and weather conditions on different cities can be accessed. Weather forecasts for American cities spanning several days are available. This desktop is not just lovely to look at because it also offers the user a wide range of useful real-time data.

Earth Weather Wallpaper Screen Saver gives a live view of day and night with city lights clearly visible on areas of the globe that are experiencing nighttime at the moment. Access to time zones is provided, which is useful to people working with individuals or organizations halfway around the world. Relevant data on other time zones is provided by Earth Weather Wallpaper Screen Saver.