Earth 3D Space Tour screensaver 1.1

FP Software laboratory (Shareware)

Earth 3D Space Tour Screensaver is a program that changes the computer’s screensaver to that of a 3D space environment. When the system has been idle for a set number of minutes, the screensaver launches and take the user through a tour of the earth as seen from outer space. The view can be viewed in different conditions. The images projected by the screensaver accurately depicts the appearance of the earth, and the screensaver can also be used for educational purposes.

The screensaver program comes with different settings that can change the way the screensaver behaves. On the settings window, users can change the video mode or choose to use the desktop settings, change the animation speed (from slow to fast), or enable or disable random camera and night side lights. Other features of the program include the following:

• Screensaver scenery displays accurate models with effects, such as atmospheric fog, blur, shines, realistic colors, and textures.
• Camera’s trajectory will be different each time the screensaver is launched on the desktop.
• Thousands of stars in the background that are depicted with real colors, brightness, and their coordinates in the sky.
• Comes with clear photos that are comparable to those taken by NASA
• Comes with views of sunrise, sunsets, and dawn shines.