EarMaster ApS (Shareware)

EarMaster is a tutorial program that trains the ears of beginners and advanced musicians alike. The program consists of thousands of lessons covering different topics and genres of music. The lessons are grouped into 14 different activities for training the ears, mastering rhythm, and reading notes or singing with the use of sight. Some of the activities are melody imitation, chord identification, rhythmic dictation, rhythmic error detection, scale identification, and melodic sight-singing. There are two courses available – the standard course and the jazz course.

With the EarMaster, users can answer questions through a MIDI keyboard, a microphone connected to the computer, or by clapping. The software has an advanced pitch detection feature that identifies notes as they are played or sung.  Users are free to progress through the lessons at their own pace with the customized training mode feature. The progress of the user is also tracked and statistics of the results of activities can be viewed. With this, users can learn which areas they need improvement on.

Other features of the EarMaster application are the following:

• Customizable user-defined interface
• Comes with a guitar tuner
• Built-in user profiles for stringed instruments or for piano
• Adaptive questioning based on success rate
• Feedback on user’s performance