EA Download Manager

Electronic Arts (Bundled)

EA Download Manager is an application that allows users to download EA games straight to their computers. Users need to create an account to use the program. After purchasing games from the store, the software decrypts the game and launches the installer on the system. In instances where the game needs a digital rights management license, the program automatically gets the license. The EA store has plenty of game titles to offer (action, simulation, sports, adventure, puzzle, and many more). There are also free games that can be downloaded.

Some popular games from EA that can be downloaded with the EA Download Manager include:
• Need for Speed
• Command and Conquer
• The Sims
• Mass Effect
• EA Sports games

Aside from downloading and managing games, the EA Download Manager also keeps all downloaded games updates. It searches for patches and updates for all the games. Users can also register their EA games using the program. This is useful when the game disc is lost. Users can easily download and replace the lost CD by getting a copy with the EA download manager. The program is limited to EA games.

The EA Download Manager must be running in the background in order for the downloaded games to run.