Rick Meyers (Freeware)

E-Sword is a program developed and released by Rick Meyers in 2000. This program is a Bible study program that enables users to access different passages of the Bible, both old and new testaments. E-Sword has a database that includes the standard Bible edition and the King James Version. This program also includes a built-in dictionary that helps users look up the meaning of words in certain parts of the Bible. The dictionary displays the word origin, explanation, and references of various words included in the Bible. E-Sword also has a highly customizable user interface that allows users to select the layout of text, the positioning of display panels, and even choose a language setting. The program’s multi-panel display allows the user to preview passages from one Bible version and compare it to another.

Aside from a dictionary and Bible editions, e-Sword also has a built-in text editor that enables users to take down notes and passages needed for their Bible study. This text editor can save the user’s notes in the program’s database or it can be exported as a text file to be edited using a different program. Other features of e-Sword includes a commentary section where users may read notes from various theology experts, a prayer list that displays various prayers related to a certain Bible topic, a Map/Graphic viewer which shows users various geographic representations related to Bible history, and a Devotional section where a user may view various reflections from the authors. E-Sword is portable, lightweight and is readily available for free download on the Internet.