e-PDF To Word Converter 2.5

e-PDF To Word Converter (Shareware)

e-PDF to Word Converter is an application primarily used for converting PDF files into Word documents. Supported Word formats include RTF and DOC. The software is typically used when the computer does not have a PDF reader to open a PDF file. When a PDF file is converted, the file becomes available for viewing in popular word-processing applications, like Google Docs and Microsoft Office Word. To use the program, the user first loads a PDF file in the software's interface. This can be done through the file browser menu. The program can process files in batches. This means that it is capable of converting multiple PDF files simultaneously. The user only needs to click the "convert" feature to start the conversion process.

When the PDF files are listed on the main pane, their source paths, file name, and size can be viewed. The output folder where the converted file is saved can also be specified. Before a file is converted, there is the option to only include text in the output file. Also, a password can also be set up to encrypt the converted document so that only authorized users can access and/or modify it. There is also the option to open the file/s as soon as conversion is done.