E-Notebook Multi-User System Setup

CambridgeSoft Corporation (Proprietary)

E-Notebook Multi-User System Setup is a program that is designed to work in a multi-user environment. Multi-User is one of the environments wherein E-Notebook exists. The other environment is called Single-User which functions mostly in an automatic manner. The E-Notebook Multi-User System Setup requires the E-Notebook Administrator app. This is a multi-faceted program which gives the user the opportunity to organize all data that are recorded electronically. This program’s installation process for a local network is easy to follow and does not require any additional training or an extensive computer programming background.

E-Notebook Multi-User System Setup by CambridgeSoft Corporation is a utility that supports Oracle and Microsoft Access. The Oracle version must be procured at the website, while the Access version is part of the E-Notebook software.

E-Notebook Multi-User System Setup has a smooth and easy to understand user interface. It has a secure and fully configurable structure and is helpful in the organization of information. The program can accommodate all sorts of data types. A search function is also included which finds data needed via texts, meta-data, or substructures. This is an application that may be configured to fit the specific requirements of an organization using it to facilitate a smoother and faster data flow amongst its constituents.