Steve Borgatti (Freeware)

E-Net is an application developed to assist users in analyzing ego network or personal network data. It is used particularly for the analysis of personal networks. This application is capable of reviewing key measures such as structure, composition, and size. By analyzing personal networks with this application, users will be able to reveal change patterns that are crucial in data analysis.

Ego networks are usually collected through a personal network research design. These are used in various research methods, such as when determining social factors that influence a business. Researchers gather data by sampling anonymous and unrelated respondents and collecting information about their personal networks. Once all the necessary data has been collected, researches can then plot, organize, and analyze this in E-Net.

This application accepts and analyzes network data pertaining to egos or the subjects, such as their sex and age, as well as the persons connected to them. One of the tools used by this program in doing network analysis is the VennMaker, which makes use of a visual interface that lets users move personal relationships around the screen. Users can manage their data in SPSS format for statistical purposes. The personal network data collected by researches can be easily imported into the program.