E-MU Xboard Control

EMU Systems (Proprietary)

The E-MU Xboard Control is the primary control board system for EMU Systems’ XBoard keyboard. Aside from being a piece of digital musical equipment, the XBoard can also be used as a MIDI controller. It is compatible with various operating systems and can easily be used on any computer setup. The E-MU Xboard Control is the primary series of buttons that provide users with access to the equipment’s numerous functions.

It is the E-MU Xboard Control that allows XBoard users to manipulate the standard sounds or notes that the keyboard generates. Standard piano keys can be turned into sound effects control keys with the flick of a button. Aside from this, different volume, panning, and tuning elements can also be accessed through the control board allowing for easy customization of sounds and commands depending on what the user needs.

When it comes to the E-MU Xboard Control, XBoard users can generate customized hardware and software setups. Different modes like the latch and loop are also available when it comes to this. There are 16 controllers overall that can be accessed and programmed when it comes to the control board. If more controls are needed, the user can simply trigger the snap shot function to easily switch from one programmed setting to the next.