e-mix Cover Downloader

cbl electronics inc. (Freeware)

E-mix Cover Downloader is an application used for downloading album covers online to complete the music library. It is useful for users who have a large music library with missing album artwork. It eliminates the need for users to manually search for covers one by one. The program can be used together with the e-mix DJ software or other media players, such as Windows Mediaplayer and Winamp. The program has a simple user interface that even beginners will be able to navigate. Users can add albums to the application by clicking the “Import Album” button. Once all the albums are imported, users can click on the “Get Cover” or “Get All Covers” button. The source of images can also be selected from the drop down menu. Once all the covers have been downloaded, users can add them to their music library. “Getting Covers finished” will be displayed at the bottom part of the window when everything has been downloaded.

Other features of the program are the following:

• Users can update their media files using the application
• Audio file meta information can be edited from the application’s main window
• Album covers will be available to use on the e-mix DJ software
• Does not clog up system resources