E-Mail Translator

IdiomaX LLC. (Shareware)

The IdiomaX E-mail Translator is software that translates e-mails, documents, texts, and phrases from Windows Mail and Microsoft Office applications (i.e. Word and Excel). It translates texts from and into these five different languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, and German.

When installed, the e-mail translator will appear on the Taskbar. To start translating an e-mail, open the e-mail and click the translator icon. The original message will be saved and the translated text will appear on the screen. There is also an option to translate in real-time, which allows the program to translate text while doing online conversations.
The software provides translation of both outgoing and incoming e-mails. It also provides access to language dictionaries in five languages. The software has a feature that allows for translation of legal, technical, medical, and business terminology as well. For the English to Spanish and Spanish to English Translations, it also includes a translation dictionary for Social Security terminologies.

Additionally, it has more than a dozen language pairs. A language pair is composed of two languages that are interpreted and translated from one into the other. Examples of a language pair include English to Spanish and Spanish to English Translations.

Aside from Windows Mail, it also translates messages from Outlook and Outlook Express.