Starfield Technologies (Proprietary)

The E-mail client developed by Starfield Technologies comes in two forms: a POP3 e-mail and a Web-based Email. The POP3 email provides users with a personalized address and can accommodate up to 40 mailboxes. It offers up to 400 megabytes of storage space, Webmail access, and a spam filter, called Spam Xploder, which enables users to personalize it by providing specifications. As a result, the spam filter is trained to detect and block messages that fit the user’s specifications of spam messages and bulk mail.

The Web-Based application also has the spam filter along with other email functions, such as customizable filters for incoming messages, message highlighting for priority messages, and message threading. It also comes with a calendar and features for multiple interface customization. The Web-Based email client allows users to access their accounts anytime, anywhere. It has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate through.

The left panel of the application contains links to the inbox, bulk mail folder, drafts, sent items, and the trash. Below this, users can create a new folder easily by typing in their preferred folder name and clicking the Create button. The main portion contains the options for composing new messages and accessing the address book, folders, and email options. It also has buttons for the spam settings, the search tool, calendar, and online storage.