e-Counter 5.0 (Freeware)

e-Counter is a digital countdown timer that can be used to notify the user of the time and perform an action when the countdown ends. When the specified time is up, it can perform a number of things, like shutting down the computer or launching a certain application in the PC. In the program's interface, only the timer is displayed. Before it is set, the user is required to specify what the time does when the timer has ended. Some of the actions that the software can perform are the following:

• Play a certain sound. This can be selected from the software’s sound files. Alternatively, it can use an audio track on the user's computer.
• Shut down the computer. The program can also wait 30 seconds after the countdown ends before shutting down the PC.
• Launch a program. This software is capable of starting any applications installed on the computer.
• Display a message. The program allows a reminder to be added by the user before the timer is set.
• Disconnect the PC. The program allows turning off the Internet connection after the specified time.

The program allows the user to secure the commands using a password.