E-Book Viewer 1.50

Calibre (Bundled)

E-book viewer is the built-in book reading application in the e-book library manager Calibre. This viewer, like other e-book reading applications, is able to open major e-book formats such as PDF and EPUB. Books may easily be opened by selecting these from the Calibre library and pressing the View button. The Viewer may also be launched from the Windows Start menu. Users can read books in paged mode or by scrolling down the page. The viewer has full support for bookmarks and interactive contents.

One of the key features of this viewer is its bookmark function. In addition to the traditional purpose of remembering the part where the reader has left off, the bookmark feature in this application lets users add bookmarks and send the book file to a friend. This is useful for pointing out a particular chapter or an important part of the book. Users may also copy text and images and paste these to another application.

Another feature of Calibre’s E-book viewer is its custom viewing tools that enables users to adjust the font size of a book without having to leave the page. The Preferences menu may also be accessed so users can change the default font and font size used by the application. Custom Stylesheets may also be used and applied to all of the books in the Calibre library.