Dzip 2.9

Speed Demos Archive (Freeware)

Dzip is a system utility designed for compressing files so that these may easily be sent as email attachments or take up less space is the computer’s hard drive. This program was originally developed to compress demo recordings of the game Quake, but it can now be used for other applications as well. Users can drag files into the progam’s window to add them to the compressed file with .dz as the extension. To extract files from a Dzip file, users will only need to drag files out. This application is also capable of creating self-extracting EXE files out of the created .dz files so users can send files to other users who may not have the program installed in their computers.

The main window is composed of four options: File, Actions, Options, and Help. The File options allow users to open, close, move, and rename existing .dz files as well as create a new one. Users can also exit the program from here. Under Actions, users can add or delete .dz files as well as view and extract the files in a .dz compressed file. This is also where executable files can be made out of .dz files. The options are available as icons or selected from the drop-down menu.