Dyyno Broadcaster

Dyyno Inc. (Proprietary)

Dyyno l Broadcaster is an application that is used to stream various content in any type of screen. The program makes use of P2P streaming and client servers.

The application can be used by individuals, organizations, groups, businesses, and corporations who want to share content to others. The program is easy to use, and allows users to choose the settings that would suit their needs. There is, for instance, a selection for photos, documents, movies, or games that have been preset so users may stream their content immediately. Users may also choose the automatic setting. Advanced users, on the other hand, may want to manually adjust the quality of their broadcasts by customizing their settings. Users may choose to fine-tune the frame rate, bit rate, or resolution.    

With Dyyno Broadcaster, users can broadcast practically anything that they can see on their computers. This includes games they are playing, applications, etc. In addition, with the use of their camcorders, they can shoot events, programs, presentations, and more, and feature a live feed online. They can also broadcast pre-recorded videos, product demonstrations, promotional clips, tutorial lessons, and other content they want to share. Three screens in which content are normally broadcasted include HDTVs, computers, and smart phones.