WildTangent, Inc. (Shareware)

Dynomite is a match-3 game in which players must remove dinosaur eggs from the game area by making these explode. Players must shoot an egg into a group of 2 or more eggs of the same color to make the color group explode.  Once the game area is cleared, the player moves on to the next level. There are four game modes: Time Trial, Stomped, Endless, and Fossil.

In the Endless Puzzle mode, eggs in various colors are coming down in rows from the top of the game area. Players must use their slingshot to match three or more eggs of the same color. Players must not let the eggs reach the bottom of the screen, or they lose the level. In the time trial mode, there is no time limit, but the game keeps a record of the player’s five fasted clearances, whether in Easy of Hard mode.

In the Stomped mode, players are given a difficult puzzle to do. Clearing the level is not easy, because every egg players shoot will increase the mother dinosaur’s anger meter, and when it gets full, the big dino will push the puzzle down with her foot, decreasing the puzzle space. In Fossil mode, players free parts of a dinosaur fossil from the eggs that surround it. Once the piece is free, it will be added to the player’s completed fossils.