Dynomite Deluxe

Zylom (Shareware)

Dynomite Deluxe is a puzzle shooter game. The aim is to eliminate the dinosaur eggs from the screen by shooting eggs of the same color from the slingshot at the bottom of the screen. Matches of three or more of the same color will eliminate the eggs. As the game progresses, the game gets more difficult and more game elements are added. In some levels, eggs will start to shake. When this happens, users must break the egg in order to receive a bonus item that will be helpful in beating the level. Some of the bonus items are:

• Lightbulb Guide – guides the user where to hit the eggs
• Score Multiplier – multiplies the player’s score (2x, 3x, or 4x)
• Lift Puzzle – Lifts the eggs a few spaces higher on the board
• Move Walls – widens the walls in the game
• Virtual Egg Points – gives virtual points to the player (5, 10, or 15)

Dynomite Deluxe has two game modes. The first game mode is Endless Puzzle, wherein the main objective is to shoot Whirley before he gets to the top portion of the screen to add a new egg color to the puzzle. The second game mode is Stomped Puzzles, wherein users must clear all the dinosaur eggs on the screen in order to get to the next level.