Dynasty Warriors Online

Tecmo Koei Games Inc (Freeware)

Dynasty Warriors Online is a multi-player, role playing game developed by Tecmo Koei Games Co. The players can develop characters they control. In addition, they can select a weapon based from existing weapons. When the player has created a character, the player can join the game. The player has the option to play directly with an opponent to gain points. The free roam mode is another option that allows the player to be familiarized with the faction city. Under this mode, the player can interact with non-playing characters.

There are two game plays in Dynasty Warriors. The first one is the Campaign Battle, which is held weekly. In the Campaign Battle, kingdoms and factions fight to gain new territories. In the absence of a Campaign Battle, the Melee game play ensues. In Melee, the player can participate in a 24-player battle. There are five missions that a player may complete:

• Capture- the player needs to invade all bases in the battlefield
• Defeat- the player needs to overpower a specified number of troops within time pressure
• Confront- the player needs to beat ten enemies
• Search- the player needs to look for ten pieces of treasure that will be brought to the base
• Destroy- the player needs to eliminate the forces of the enemies