Dynamic Auto Painter x64 PRO

Mediachance Canada (Shareware)

Dynamic Auto Painter x64 PRO is a graphics application that lets users turn photographs into unique paintings. This version is designed for 64 bit Windows users and has tools and enhancements not included in the standard version. The program uses an existing photograph as a guide to create a painting from; the available painting styles are all inspired by the techniques of popular masters such as Van Gogh and Cezanne. A painting is done in the way a certain painter would do it.

Users can choose the painting style, impressions, and palettes. The application will do a fresh painting every time, even on the same image, so no projects will look the same. In addition to the preset styles, the program also provides access to an online community who produces and shares their own brush techniques. Users can also create their own style and save it.

One of the features of the program is the Real Canvas option, which replicates how a real canvas or a watercolor paper looks when paint is applied. The texture will be noticeable even when the output painting is printed on plain paper. Furthermore, this professional version offers high-definition presets for extremely realistic details. It also has Material and Real Lights features that add scratch, dried paint, and lighting effects to the output painting for more realistic detail. This application can work on various sizes, so output images look like paintings whether small or large.